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An eye for V D & P makes your works excellent


– Credit card – At the moment we are accepting payment via Paypal with 3.5% charges added on (this charge applies for using Paypal services). – Cash – deposit by cash is very simple plus no additional charges are added on. Cash can be deposit via a BACs transfer or a cheque. – Once any of the above are completely cleared, we will then sent your job for printing.

We take greater care to make sure that papers are kept under their certain weight. Conversely, manufacture can have inconsistency in your products. Therefore, there can be slight paper weight variation.

Most of the time we print on the exact stock or gram of paper our clients require. What so ever, the gram of paper may vary or perhaps a heavier gram of paper can be chosen for your work to be printed on. We do try our best to minimise such changes, however due to unconditional circumstance variation may occur. Our
consultants do have a detail discussion with clients to make sure everything is conducted on client’s discretion.

We will confirm you before taking any order If there is any delivery charge apply. In most of the orders, we offer FREE DELIVERY.

Once your task is sent to the print, we are unfortunately unable to make a refund.

Furthermore, if we have designed your menu and it is at its finalization stage: in which the menu is completed and signed off. In this scenario, we do require a service charge as our resources have been used, such as our designer has input their work.

Although, if you’re not fully satisfied with our service. Please do inform us within 5 working days of the delivered work. We will try our best to rectify the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

As we have to check with our file requirement. Therefore, there may not be a reduction in price

Usually delivery time period range between 7 to 9 working days. Earlier delivery are available upon request, please contact our agent for more information.

With no additional costs, the un-editable image of your work can be sent to you. If you require the edible addition there is a fee apply. A detail decision of this can talk through.

A4 – 297mm x 210mm (landscape) or 210mm x 297mm (portrait)
A5 – 210mm x 148mm (landscape) or 148mm x 210mm (portrait)
A5 size is very popular for advertising special offers, banquet events and specific promotions. Therefore, this size is hardly used to promote takeaway menus.

Our best advice is: the ticker the paper, the longer is will last. Although, we do understand menu prices changes more frequently. Therefore, for affordable range 130 GSM is the basic paper strength, lasting an adequate amount of time.

For better results a thicker paper ranging from 170 – 200 GSM will boast your menu confident among it’s competitive.

Bearing in mind, a paper thicker than 170 GSM will require creasing before folding, in order to prevent cracking the folds. This significantly increases the cost. For affordability reason we do recommend maximum 170 GSM to control expenses.

The best to explain this, please see the below image:



Menu take away is mainly printed on the landscape style due to the layout space. Portrait styles mostly represent takeaway promotional flyers, specific events, offers etc…

The menu sizes can be changed easily before the first proof reading. Just simply inform us of the changes you require, as our designers can easily alter the size of the menu at the developing stage.

After the first proof reading, it may be slightly difficult to alter the size of the menu. As the amount of time spent working on the menu may increase. For this reason a small fee of £45 is added on.